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About Lincoln, Illinois


Named after Abraham Lincoln before he was president, Lincoln started as an anticipated railroad stop, and later become a quintessential Route 66 town. Today Lincoln is home to 3 colleges & universities and is an Amtrak stop on the busy line connecting Chicago and St. Louis. With woods, waterways, trails, and parks, Lincoln is also a hub for enjoying the outdoors.

Founded: 1853
Population: 14,284 (2013)

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Lincoln Highlights

Considering Lincoln? These are some of the most important & exciting things going on in town—

Lincoln Aerial

Great Location

Within an hour drive of nearly a half million people. Lincoln will also be a stop on the new High Speed Rail corridor linking Chicago and St. Louis.

Lincoln Wagon

Linked to History

Named for Abraham Lincoln before he was president, the city has many historical sites connected with Lincoln’s life as a prairie lawyer.  More

Pigs & Swigs Festival In Downtown Lincoln

Historic Downtown

Lincoln boasts a historic & beautiful downtown with new restaurants, nightlife, and the brand new Lincoln Grand 8 Theater.

Lincoln Hospital

Healthcare Services

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital was named one 1 of the Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals in the US & one of HealthCare‘s “Most Wired” in 2015.

Lincoln College

Education Institutions

Home of three institutions of higher learning: Lincoln College, Lincoln Christian University, and Heartland Community College.

Lincoln Balloons


Quiet & safe with a strong sense of community. Community events include the Lincoln Balloon Festival, Pigs and Swigs, and Arts in the Park.

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